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The Road to Falaise, 1944

World War 2, Battlegroup Panzergrenadier, 15mm


CIMG1874Next was another Second World War fight, this time in 15mm. This scale remains popular in the Club, particularly for late war games. This involved a  British attack during the final phase of the Normandy campaign, with the British expanding south from Caen towards Falaise.CIMG1865The advance came up against a German-held village, which had to be cleared if the advance was to continue. The German player made the best possible use of the terrain, and really caused us problems- hit machine gunners pinning down one British company and his mortars and small-arms beating up another.CIMG1860However, by the end of the game the British were pushing armour on down the road past the German strongpoints, while the infantry reserves were being brought forward to clear out the last pockets of German resistance.CIMG1864Here are Jim and Derek – the slightly shell-shocked British players after the game. Battered but ultimately victorious was probably the best way to sum up their British pyrrhic victory! Still, it was a cracking game.


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