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The Battle of Froeschwiller, 1870

Bismarck’s Wars, 1870, 10mm

I missed most of this game, and I obviously missed a treat, as by the time I was able to turn up the Prussians were already on the ropes. Also, I was down to command a Corps of Bavarians, who never actually made it onto the batltefield, thanks to some random events.dsc00976So, in this game the Prussians were badly thrashed by the outnumbered but plucky French. This seems to be a running trend with these Franco-Prussian games – the defenders usually have all the advantages, and the Prussians players often find it difficult to win.dsc00972However, it this game it was the French who did much of the attacking. They came up with a fairly aggressive plan, and one French wing went over onto the offensive, and practically wiped out the poor Bavarians, and the Prussian 5th Corps. The French cruised to an easy victory, and they still had two infantry divisions and their heavy cavalry in reserve!img_3953The French light cavalry division ran over several Prussian and Wurttemberg units, and held up two Prussian Corps for five turns – the equivalent of a couple of hours. All in all it seems to have been a pretty decisive win for the French.dsc00968Probably the best thing about the game was Gerry Henry’s purpose- built terrain. I loved the little details like the statue in the little village, or the vineyards, tramples by soldiers’ boots. Let’s hope he runs another game soon, and gives the Prussians a chance for revenge…dsc00971


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