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News – Orkney Wargames is moving

Orkney Wargames will soon be moving to a new URL www.orkneywargames.com

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The Black River, Hoa-Binh, 1951

The Second World War (French Indochina), Homegrown Rules, 28mm To entertain us during the pandemic, my chum Bill Cainan (a man with Orkney connections) has sent us a few images from his French Indochina collection.The first are of some of his Dinassault forces – his French riverine kit. Here’s what he had to say: Five years ago

Ambush on the Tu Duam Road, 1945

The Second World War (French Indochina), Homegrown Rules, 28mm  I have to confess I haven’t played a game for over a month. Fortunately, others have. So, here’s a spectacular game report from my chum Bill Cainan, an honourary member of the Orkney Wargames Club. These are just too good to miss. Bill wargames the French

The Battle of Ramillies, 1706

Misc., The War of the Spanish Succession, Homegrown Rules, 28mm This was the second of the three games I played in a single weekend, when I was down in Warwick for the AGM 2017 get-together. Of the three games this was the largest, both in terms of table size and number of figures. It was

Wilson’s Archipelago, 1718

The Golden Age of Piracy, Shug’s Pirate Rules, 28mm On the morning of 5th April I heard that my wargaming pal Hugh Wilson had died suddenly – the result of complications following surgery. This was a real shock – it still is. Every two weeks Hugh hosted games round at his house, and laid on

The Battle of Scatsa, Shetland, 1938

Misc., A Very British Civil War, Homegrown Rules, 28mm In The Very British Civil War guide to the fighting in Scotland it says that; “Shetland occupies a strategic position for shipping between the Atlantic and the North Sea”. I beg to differ. This was written by a Shetlander with an axe to grind, as the

The Siege of Vienna, 1683

Misc., Homegrown rules, 28mm The theme of Historicon this year was “Pike & Shotte”, and so appropriately enough the first of the two games I played there was not only “on message”, but the Siege formed the cover poster for the show. This particular multiplayer game was run by the charming Peter Hess. I know

The Dilkusha, Lucknow, 1857

Queen Victoria’s Little Wars, Home Made Rules, 28mm Next weekend is Targe 2009 – a wargame show in Kirruemuir, about 80 minutes’ drive north of Edinburgh. We’re putting on a participation game, whose centrepiece is the Dilkusha. it was a big house on the outskirts of Lucknow, which was fought over during the 2nd Relief

Orellana’s Raft, The Amazon, 1542

Misc., Renaissance Skirmish, El Dorado – a home-grown set,  28mm I’d rather hoped to play a game with Chris Henry’s superb collection of Conquistadors and Aztecs, but that game is still on hold. Instead Colin Jack asked us to playtest his new show participation game – a rather silly affair based on a bizarre event. In 1541

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