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Mont Pincon, 1944

Second World War, Disposable Heroes, 28mm

Sometimes the prettiest tables don’t photograph very well. This was a case in point – the table looked fantastic, but my pictures don’t really do it justice. It was a Second World War skirmish, set somewhere around Mont Pincon in Normandy in 1944. German paratroopers defended, and troops of the Dorset Regiment were sent in to flush them out.DSCF2071Things began to unravel from the start – our squad on the right flank was shot up and pinned down by fire from a German-held farmhouse, while on the left an attempt to outflank the position was met with more automatic fire. Our attack stalled. The only thing working in the British favour was the support weapons – the 3″ mortar began hitting the farmyard and causing German casualties, while the Vickers machine gun moved up to riddle it with fire.DSCF2066The game ended as night fell, but the Germans still held their positions. To carry out a full assault we’d have needed more men, more time and more luck!DSCF2059The terrain was formed by a great terrain mat – a piece of scenery you’ll be seeing a lot more of on this site. They also supplied the little mat-like fields. The excellent bocage-style hedges came from The Last Valley, and the buildings from TSS . The British were mine, and this was their first outing. The Nazi Paras were from Dougie Trail’s collection.DSCF2088As for rules, we used Disposable Heroes. Interestingly enough, right next door was another Second World War skirmish – a desert clash which used the Rules of Engagement rules. Both sets proved fast and playable, but the RoE crowd swear their set has the edge. At £25 a copy I’m a little reluctant to buy a set just to find out!



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