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France, 1940

World War 2,  Battlegroup Panzergrenadier, 20mm

We played five games this month. The first was a Second World War affair where my BEF took the field against the Nazi hordes.


The scenario called for a unit of Divisional Cavalry (all Universal Scout Carriers and Vickers Mk. VIb light tanks to hold off the spearhead of Rommel’s 7th Panzer Division – or at least his reconnaissance units.It was based on an action fought by the Lothians & Border horse in May 1940, when the Scots’ got thumped.I didn’t hold out much hope, but like true cavalrymen the boys forced their way into the town, shot the Germans up a bit, then pulled back to where their infantry supports were deployed.


The inevitable German counter-attack was pushed back,  so I claimed at least a moral victory! The rules were the superb but dreadfully named Battlegroup Panzer Grenadier by Dave Brown, which produce realistic and fast-moving games – which is a pretty incredible feat for a WW2 set!



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