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Croisilles, 1940

The Second World War, Battlegroup Panzergrenadier, 20mm

We hadn’t played a WW2 game for a while, so we thought it was time to get the tankie toys out again. The idea was that a small French force was launching a counter-attack against a German-held village. However, after a few turns of shelling the French player discovered that it was actually held by the British – who were a little irritated by the friendly fire! Worse was to come, as a powerful German attack was also underway, and soon the two Allies were fighting for their lives.German-ArmourFortunately the rules allow for fluke shots. When your opponent declares he wants to fire a 2″ mortar at a panzer, the last thing your should say is “its not worth it – you’d need a double 6”. Cue one burning panzer, and an utterly dumbfounded British player! The funny thing is, this luck held throughout the game… Just look at the two pictures below, taken two turns apart.FrenchOf the four German tanks in the field, one was taken out by an infantry assault, another by the light mortar, and a third by a hidden 2-pounder. Even the French player managed to destroy a Panzer III with his Somua, even though it took a whole evening!Burning-PanzersBy the time the British reinforcements arrived (a weak squadron of cruiser tanks and a carrier platoon), the German advance had well and truly stalled.  However, the Germans still had one trick up their sleeve.StukaTheir air support finally showed up, and a Stuka destroyed one of the two British tanks. However, as it came in for its second run the British opened up with their only form of anti-aircraft – a Bren gun mounted on a stick. The only way the German plane could be stopped was by rolling a “double 6”. You can guess what happened…! German-Infantry-2As usual the rules we used were the excellent (though dreadfully named) Battlegroup Panzer Grenadier.


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