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Clervaux, 1944

Second World War, Battlegroup Panzergrenadier,  15mm

snow6From the savannah of Africa to the snow-covered hills of the Ardennes. The next game was a 15mm Second World War game between my Americans and my wargaming pal Kevan’s Germans. Although I rarely play with 15mm figures these days, I’ve kept a few just to take part in the odd club game. I was also persuaded to give ’em the winter treatment. However, the prize of the day went to Kevan for his snow terrain, which looked superb. See for yourself.snow1The plan called for an American company to hold a small village, and to deny access to the important road junction just beyond it. the Germans came on with two reinforced companies, supported by a brace of Jagpanthers. The American reinforcements consisted of two Shermans and an M-10. Now, whenever I’m faced with large pieces of German armour I always reach for the radio and call in some air support. Unfortunately this time nobody was listening – we needed to roll a 5-6 on a D6 for the mission, and for seven turns we failed the roll!snow4The result was that the two German monsters trundled through the town without stopping! By the end of the game the two surviving American tanks had bugged out, most of the infantry company was killed or routed, and the Germans were the undisputed masters of the village. The only consolation for the American players was that we’d inflicted heavy casualties on the German infantry in the process. As usual the rules we used were Battlegroup Panzer Grenadier.snow7


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