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News – Orkney Wargames is moving

Orkney Wargames will soon be moving to a new URL www.orkneywargames.com

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Claymore 2015

Misc., Wargame Shows, Edinburgh

The first Saturday in August my club in Edinburgh runs its annual show – Claymore 2015. We had record attendance this year – something like 800 people through the door, or counting club members, traders and guys laying on games. My role in the festivities was to organise the sponsorship for the prizes – handed out to the teams involved in the best games on offer.This year the top prize was won by RAF Leuchars, who staged a very pretty game based around the Allied attacks on a fort guarding the Dardanelles in 1915. The best participation game was won by a group called Sally Forth – a “Very British Civil War” game. So, for your entertainment, here are a few pictures from the show.Above all though, Claymore is a time to chat with old friends, see what people have been doing, spend money on lead, scenery, rules and books, avoid nutcases and generally have a good time.





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