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Claymore, 2008

Misc., Wargame Show, Edinburgh

Well, another Claymore has come and gone – the last one in its present cramped venue. next year we’ll be moving to a bigger, brighter and much better venue on the other side of town. As usual the show was a chance to chat to old pals, to meet new people, to waste money on lead, and to drool over some very pretty demo games.Boxer%20Rebellion%201 These pictures show a few of these, including an extremely pretty Byzantine v Sassanid game (which won first prize), a striking recreation of the crossing of the Boyne, and a stunning Indian Mutiny game.Mutiny%201Other good demo games included a Boxer Rebellion game, c.1900 (Falkirk Club), and a refight of Bothwell Bridge, 1679 (Tyne Club).  While both of these had beautiful figures, their terrain lacked the “wow factor” which the Boyne, Solachon and Mutiny games possessed in bucket-loads.Marlburian%20StarfortThere was also an attractive Marlburian game featuring a splendid star fort, and a pretty Seven Years War battle, albeit in a miniscule figure scale! Oh, and there were a few fantasy games, taking up space…First%20Crusade%202Finally here are  wargaming pal  Dave Marks and his eldest son Sam, up from Essex for the day. More pictures of games, participants and prize-winners will appear on the Club website.Sam%20&%20Dave%20MarksAll in all it was a great show – but I’m sure we’ll all be pleased to move to a better venue next year. As usual I came away with lead I didn’t need, including bags of Colonial, French Revolutionary War and American War of Independence figures. Let’s just hope I get a chance to paint them before next August…Bothwell%20Bridge%202

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