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WWII Coastal Forces

WWII Coastal Forces – Playing the Period

Messing about in boats Many years ago I wrote a set of Second World War Coastal Forces rules for a participation game called Plywood, Petrol & Tracer. That still pretty much sums up what this is all about – small wooden boats filled with highly-explosive fuel firing tracer rounds at each other, or torpedoes at

Clash on the Varne Bank, 1941

WWII Coastal Forces, Narrow Seas, 1/600 scale A few weeks ago David Manley sent me a playtest version of his new fast-play rules for WW2 Coastal Forces. I promised to give them a go, and so that’s exactly what we did. I’ve used a few different sets over the years, and they usually fall down

Cross Sands, North Sea 1941

WWII Coastal Forces, Attack with Torpedoes! 1/600 scale If you look on the period link, you’ll see we haven’t played a Coastal Forces game for quite a few years. There’s no real reason for it – this just seemed to be a naval period that slipped between the cracks. So, when Bart said he wanted

Clash off Bligh Bank, 1942

WWII Coastal Forces, Attack with Torpedoes, 1/600 scale Orkney-based wargamer Chris Werb expressed an interest in a Second World War Coastal Forces game, so out came the sea mat and the little boats. I can’t even call them ships. Anyway, the plan was to play two games – a straightforward night-time clash between small German

The Lipari Channel, 1943

WWII Coastal Forces, The Quick & The Dead, 1/600 scale This was one of those surreal wargaming moments. This week was our club Annual General Meeting, and useful gaming time was wasted by discussions about our annual show (Claymore), the accounts, which charity to support (we opted for Combat Stress), election of office-bearers, changes to

Attack on Ambleteuse Roads, English Channel, 1940

WWII Coastal, Attack with Torpedoes, 1/600th We decided we hadn’t played a Coastal Forces game for over two years, so the little ships were given another airing. The idea was that a small German coastal convoy had put into Ambleteuse Roads for the night, to avoid a bombing raid on Boulogne, just down the coast.

The Elba Channel, 1943

WWII Coastal Forces, Attack with Torpedoes, 1/600th scale We hadn’t brought out the MTBs and E-Boats for a while, so I decided to run a Coastal Forces game, set in the Mediterranean. Both sides ha convoys – a two ship resupply convoy for the Germans, and a battered tanker limping home for the British. Both

Clash off Cap Griz Nez, 1944

Coastal Forces, Attack with Torpedoes, 1/600 scale Next up was another naval game, a Coastal Forces scrap using Attack with Torpedoes. A heavily defended German coastal convoy was attacked by a three groups of Allied boats – a mixed bag of American PT Boats and British MTBs and supporting MGBs.All the torpedoes missed, and the