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The Age of Fighting Sail

The Age of Fighting Sail – Playing the Period

I really love this period thanks to the novels of Patrick O’Brian, but the thought of all that rigging always put me off it. Then, along came a new club project. One day, someone suggested refighting Trafalgar using 1/1200 scale ships, and the guys all thought this was a great idea. Better still, some people

Encounter off the Galapagos, 1813

The Age of Fighting Sail, Post Captain, 1/1200 scale I rarely game the same thing two weeks in a row. However, as most of my wargaming crowd were doing other things (storming compounds in Sangin, fighting tank v tank actions in Normandy or slogging it out in Dark Age Mercia), only Peter was left, and

Action off Ushant, 1803

The Age of Fighting Sail, Post Captain, 1/1200 scale We hadn’t played these rules before, so this game was really about learning the system. Four of us took part, so we fielded four ships – two French 40 gun frigates (Bart’s Cornelie and Campbell’s Hortense) and two British frigates, Peter’s Aeolus (32) and my Naiad

The Battle of Trafalgar, 1805

The Age of Fighting Sail, Kiss Me Hardy, 1/1200 scale  In honour of it being the anniversary of Trafalgar, we decided to refight the battle. We hired a local bowling club for the Sunday, set out our 16×6 foot table, and set to. The flagpole outside was even adorned with the three nations’ naval ensigns for

Action off Cabo Silleiro, 1805

The Age of Fighting Sail, Kiss Me Hardy, 1/1200 scale This Saturday was Deep Fried Lard, the annual celebration of all things Too Fat Lardy north of the border. It was held in Musselburgh, a rather soulless seaside suburb of Edinburgh, and during the day several Lardy games were available for us to take part

Action off Finisterre, 1805

Napoleonic Naval, Kiss Me Hardy, 1/1200 scale Its often said that sailing is a very expensive hobby, and rather than owning your own boat, the real secret is to have friends who do. Well, this worked out very well for me when I was invited to take part in this little game. The guys at