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Naval Warfare

Action off Toulon, 1811

The Age of Fighting Sail, Post Captain, 1/1200 scale This was the evening of the wargame club’s AGM. Usually that involves a lot of dull bureaucratic stuff, dreary reports by office bearers and a loss of valuable wargaming time. . This time though, the dull but necessary bit was over by 8pm. That still left

Operation Rheinübung, 1941

World War II Naval, General Quarters 3, 1/2400 scale This was an unusual evening. First of all, I got there early and claimed my gaming table, as Dougie Trail was in town, and I was meeting him in the pub across the road. When we turned up I found some little shit had nicked my

The Death of a Flotilla, 1941

WWII Coastal Forces, Narrow Seas, 1/600 scale This week we went back to playtesting Narrow Seas, David Manley’s forthcoming Coastal Forces rules. This time we wanted to try out three new things – using ships, firing big guns and launching torpedoes. So, that’s exactly what we did. The scenario was an MTB attack on a

Clash on the Varne Bank, 1941

WWII Coastal Forces, Narrow Seas, 1/600 scale A few weeks ago David Manley sent me a playtest version of his new fast-play rules for WW2 Coastal Forces. I promised to give them a go, and so that’s exactly what we did. I’ve used a few different sets over the years, and they usually fall down

The Clash off Horn’s Reef, 1916

The Great War at Sea, Fleet Action Imminent, 1/2400 scale We hadn’t played a naval game for a while, and when asked, my regular crowd opted for the Great War at sea, with “big guns”. So, that’s exactly what I laid on – a duel between a pair of dreadnought squadrons. The premise was that

The Capture of the President , 1815

The Age of Fighting Sail, Post Captain, 1/1200 scale This week we planned to play a Back of Beyond game, but for various reasons that got postponed for a month. So, we fell back on Post Captain, the rules we use to fight single ship actions. This time, we based the game on a historical

Jutland, 1916 – The Run to the South

The Great War at Sea, Fleet Action Imminent, 1/2400 scale Earlier this week, when I asked people what kind of ships they wanted to play with, some said big ones, and other small ones. So, I laid on a game that had both. We’ve wargamed this before – it’s something of a classic action –

The Battle of Trafalgar, 1805

The Age of Fighting Sail, Kiss Me Hardy, 1/1200 scale Concluding what seemed like a very nautical nine days of games, we come to the biggie. Last year the guys at the Edinburgh club decided to stage a refight of Trafalgar. it was a success, so we decided to do it all again this year.

Dodgems in the DFA, off Iceland, 1975

The (Third) Cod War, There’s Something Wrong with our Blood Fish Today, 1/1200 scale This week we were going to play a Napoleonic game. Bill Gilchrist was going to supply all the figures, but unfortunately he took ill on the way in, and so we were left game-less. However, Peter gave me a lift home

Battle of the Fehmarn Belt, 1906

Pre-Dreadnought, Perfidious Albion, 1/1200 scale The rather ludicrous excuse for this game involving three navies was the Algeciras Conference of 1906. The main diplomatic protagonists were France and Germany, and in our alternate history tensions had mounted so much that the countries were at the brink of war. To rattle the German cage a French

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