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The Battle of Mars-la-Tour, 1870

Bismarck’s Wars, Fire & Fury, 10mm This week we sneaked an extra game into the diary by playing on a Saturday. We hired the hall of the local bowling club for the day – they even have a bar – and we used the space to refight the Battle of Mars-la-Tour. This came about because

Mersa Brega, Western Desert,1941

The Second World War, Battlegroup Panzergrenadier, 10mm Last week Sandy Gillespie and I discussed the possibility of staging a small WW2 game, as I hadn’t yet tried out the new “deluxe” version of Battlegroup Panzergrenadier. These used to be a staple rules set of ours, but they got set aside as we got caught up in

The Battle of the Somme, 1916

The Great War, Black Powder (modified), 28mm  Every year, between Christmas and New Year, the guys at the Leuchars club up in Fife lay on a big multi-player game. this year it was The Somme – the third great battle of 1916 (the others being Verdun and of course Jutland). The table was 25 feet

Mazières, Normandy, 1944

The Second World War, Chain of Command, 28mm Nothing says Christmas like an MG34. That seemed to be the tag line for this game, set in Normandy in August 1944. Motorised infantry of the 1st Polish Armoured Division were advancing south from Caen to Falaise, and having secured the open ground around St. Sylvain and

Trouble in Tashkent, 1920

The Back of Beyond, Setting the East Ablaze!, 28mm This rather crazy game – as most of our Back of Beyond ones are – was set in the city of Tashkent, during the Russian Civil War. For some reason the local Red garrison had been sent away by train to deal with a rising in neighbouring

The Austro-Prussian War of 1866

Special Feature. This last weekend I went over to Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic, to see the marking of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Koniggratz (3 July 1866). It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, which involved a lot of walking round battlefields, drinking Czech beer and generally having a good time. The

The Bois de la Vauche, 1916

The Great War, Chain of Command, 28mm We hadn’t played a Great War game in ages, so this week Campbell and I put that right. We fought a small platoon-level skirmish, set in the shattered remains of the Bois de Vauche in late February 1916. The wood lies outside Verdun, about a mile north of Fort

Khlevnoye, Voronezh Front, 1943

The Second World War, Chain of Command, 28mm This game was played during one of my visits to Orkney. In my absence the guys in the Orkney Wargames Club have been living on an almost total diet of Chain of Command, and although their terrain still looks very western front, their games are now set

The Battle of Wissemweiller, 1870

The Franco-Prussian War, Fire & Fury, 10mm This is a new departure for me. I’m pretty much a dyed-in-the-wool 28mm wargamer, and it takes a lot to get me even sniffing at other scales. Still, I have some 10mm Western Desert kit somewhere, and I’ve seen people play 6mm and 10mm games and survive the

The Battle for Jamon Serrano, 1937

The Spanish Civil War, Chain of Command, 28mm It finally happened. Chris Henry and I had been planning to play this game for weeks, but each time emergency child-minding duty got in the way. this week though, we finally got to play the game. We both have Spanish Civil War figures, but for this game

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