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Wargames Shows

Targe, 2016

Misc., Wargame Shows, Kirriemuir Targe is probably the smallest wargame show I regularly go to – and one of the best. It’s held in Kirriemuir, the little town in Angus (I love having a county named after me), about 15 miles north of Dundee. The Edinburgh club was laying on an Indian Mutiny game, which

Claymore 2016

This Saturday, my Edinburgh club – the South-East Scotland Wargames Club (or SESWC) hosted its annual wargames show in Edinburgh College. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day out, which began with moving heavy boxes of books and lead around, and ended with a major beer-drinking session with a bunch of wargamers, in a bar full

Carronade, 2016

Misc., Wargame Shows, Falkirk The start of May is Carronade time – the second-largest wargame show in Scotland. it’s held in a school, and despite having dreadful parking and some of the unhealthiest food on the show circuit its always a fun event. My favourite part is the way you can’t move more than a few

Crisis 2015, Antwerp

At the start of November we flew over to Belgium, to put on a game at Crisis. I love this show. Its held on a Saturday – the first one in November – in a great hangar of a warehouse building on the banks of the River Schelde, on the northern edge of Antwerp. We

Claymore 2015

Misc., Wargame Shows, Edinburgh The first Saturday in August my club in Edinburgh runs its annual show – Claymore 2015. We had record attendance this year – something like 800 people through the door, or counting club members, traders and guys laying on games. My role in the festivities was to organise the sponsorship for

Carronade 2015

Misc., Wargame Shows, Falkirk Here are a few pictures form the Falkirk show. My favourite game was the Vietnam one pictured above, but there were lots of nice games on display. this Sudan one from the Iron Brigade was a real work of art…The First Battle of S. Albans by (I think) Steve Rimmer from

Targe, 2014

Misc., Wargame Shows, Kirriemuir On my way to the AB1 game in Lundin Links, Fife I stopped off at Targe. This little show is a firm favourite on my calendar. Its held in Kirriemuir, in the county of Angus. I’m childish enough to get a kick every time I drive across the county line. There’s

Salute, 2014

Misc., Wargame Shows, London My camera was playing up at Salute (the batteries ran out and I couldn’t find replacements), so I only took a few pictures during the show. I even managed to miss some of the most spectacular display games, including a breathtaking D-Day table.Still, I managed to bump into old friends, made

Crisis 2013

Wargame Shows, Antwerp, Belgium This is a terrific show. if you get the opportunity to go then do. Officially I was going as the “support team” to the Edinburgh club, who were laying on a Dux Britanniorum participation game. In fact I’d buggered up my leg – I damaged my knee muscles jumping off the

Claymore 2013

Wargame Shows, Edinburgh Dave Imrie’s The eagle – based on the film… Winner of Best Demo Game On Saturday 3rd August I went along to Edinburgh College, where SESWC my Edinburgh wargames club were hosting Claymore, their annual wargames show. This is still the largest and most prestigious wargames show north of York. Like most

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