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Targe, 2016

Misc., Wargame Shows, Kirriemuir Targe is probably the smallest wargame show I regularly go to – and one of the best. It’s held in Kirriemuir, the little town in Angus (I love having a county named after me), about 15 miles north of Dundee. The Edinburgh club was laying on an Indian Mutiny game, which

The Siege of the Wolfsschnaze, 1242

Misc., Medieval, Soldiers of God, 10mm This isn’t really my period, or my scale. However, my planned naval game fell through at the last minute, thanks to Bill Gilchrist eating a dodge Chinese meal. So, when I was invited to help Jack Glanville defend the Wolfsschanze, I willingly agreed, as it was better than just

Defending Legoland!

Fantasy Nonsense, Dragon Rampant Sometimes you find yourself playing a game that verges on the ridiculous. This went far beyond that. I can honestly say that it was the silliest game I’ve ever played – more so than any Pulp game, or even “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs”. The thing is, several people at the club have

Claymore 2016

This Saturday, my Edinburgh club – the South-East Scotland Wargames Club (or SESWC) hosted its annual wargames show in Edinburgh College. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day out, which began with moving heavy boxes of books and lead around, and ended with a major beer-drinking session with a bunch of wargamers, in a bar full

The Mekong Delta, 1967

Misc., Modern Wars, Bolt Action, 28mm This was another of those rather crazy games laid on by The League of Gentlemen Wargamers. Actually, it was a game in two parts. The Saturday was spent fighting one-on-one battles with opponents, but for the Sunday all the tables were shoved together to create the 30 foot long

The Battle of Babruysk, 1708

Misc., The Great Northern War, Homemade Rules, 28mm This weekend I was down in Warwick, with the guys from the Military Gentleman forum. Officially the whole weekend was about playing games set in the Seven Years War, but the first of them I played was actually based in an earlier conflict – the Great Northern

Carronade, 2016

Misc., Wargame Shows, Falkirk The start of May is Carronade time – the second-largest wargame show in Scotland. it’s held in a school, and despite having dreadful parking and some of the unhealthiest food on the show circuit its always a fun event. My favourite part is the way you can’t move more than a few

Wilson’s Archipelago, 1718

The Golden Age of Piracy, Shug’s Pirate Rules, 28mm On the morning of 5th April I heard that my wargaming pal Hugh Wilson had died suddenly – the result of complications following surgery. This was a real shock – it still is. Every two weeks Hugh hosted games round at his house, and laid on

The Battle of Hyundai, 1571

Samurai Warfare, Gleaming Katanas, 28mm Before I begin, I’ve got to say I’m no great fan of Samurai warfare. All those ludicrous names and outfits, those unbelievably weapons and idiotic banners strapped to their backs… It isn’t really for me. In fact, I suspect the whole thing was invented by my friend Stephen Turnbull, just

The Gangs of Nowhereville, 1929

Misc., Gangsters, Legends of the Old West, 28mm This weekend I was up in Kirriemuir in the north-eastern corner of Scotland, to take part in the League of Gentlemen Wargamers’ weekend. We meet up about three times a ear, and at least one game is a “silly” one. This was it. Each of the dozen

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