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The Spanish Main

The San Juan River, Mosquito Coast, 1665

The Spanish Main, A Pikeman’s Lament, 28mm This game was a result of some hasty improvisation. For various reasons only Bart and I were able to play this week, so we wanted something “quick and dirty”. We settled on The Spanish Main, and our second clash between the Buccaneers and the forces of His Most

The King’s Gold, New Granada, 1665

The Spanish Main, A Pikeman’s Lament, 28mm This week I “rolled out” a new period. I meant to do this two weeks ago, but the heavy snow forced it to be postponed. Actually, this isn’t really a new period at all, but the re-branding of an old one. I’ve had most of these Foundry pirate

The Spanish Main – Playing the Period

Buccaneering for fun and profit… As a historical period this is one of my favourites. However, while I’ve written about it a lot, I haven’t actually wargames it – until now. Years ago I used to have a collection of pirates – all figures from the Foundry range. The trouble was, while they looked great,