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Carronade, 2008

Misc., Wargame Show, Falkirk

DSCF2928I visited this excellent wargames show, and whiled away a few hours chatting with friends, buying lead I don’t really need, and looking at some very attractive demonstration and participation games.DSCF2931Here are some of my favourites – a colourful Thirty Years War game, and interesting refight of Leuthen (1757) in 15mm, a chopped down version of the Ligny game I played a few months ago (those drab Prussians again), and an interesting Bonaparte in Egypt game (the photos of that one didn’t come out).DSCF2929
My favourite was probably the 28mm Rorke’s Drift game, which really looked superb.DSCF2932My own club ran a small but wonderfully quirky participation game – “El Dorado” – which involved conquistadors floating down the Amazon on a raft, being shot at from Amazonian Indians lining the banks!6908-25

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