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Archives for June 2016

The Revolting Khazi, 1857

The Indian Mutiny, Sharp Practice, 28mm For me the main event at Deep Fried Lard was to take part in the Indian Mutiny game. Richard Clark of Too Fat Lardies was running it as a Sharp Practice battle, and while I supplied the terrain and the figures, Rich concocted the scenario. While I’ve got a few

The Mekong Delta, 1967

Misc., Modern Wars, Bolt Action, 28mm This was another of those rather crazy games laid on by The League of Gentlemen Wargamers. Actually, it was a game in two parts. The Saturday was spent fighting one-on-one battles with opponents, but for the Sunday all the tables were shoved together to create the 30 foot long

The Purwa Raid, 1857

The Indian Mutiny, Sharp Practice, 28mm This small game was all about getting players used to the new Sharp Practice rules. It was also a chance to “blood” my new buildings, built for me by the talented Nick Buxey. All that, and having a rollicking good game. It was a simple rescue mission. The wife

Escape from Cawnpore, 1857

The Indian Mutiny, Sharp Practice, 28mm After a week filled with events – my Jutland book launch, the centennial commemorations, talks, drinks receptions, warship visits and services, this was a week of down time in Orkney. to celebrate, I had the guys round for a spot of wargaming, on the kitchen table in my holiday