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Archives for November 2012

The Battle of Lutzen, 1813

The Napoleonic Wars, Black Powder, 28mm You don’t often get to play two big Napoleonic games in a week – but this month it happened. Last weekend was Borodino – this weekend we refought Lutzen – or at least most of it. The venue was the Old Manor House Hotel in Lundin Links, Fife –

The Fight in Chorley Lane, 1648

The English Civil War, Pike & Shotte, 28mm This little clash set in the Second English Civil War (1648) was a test-bed for Pike & Shotte, the Renaissance version of Black Powder. Bill Gilchrist supplied the small force of Covenanters and Royalists, who were pitted against my New Model Army. The game was a small

The Battle of Borodino, 1812

The Napoleonic Wars, Republic to Empire, 28mm The League of Gentlemen Wargamers’ Napoleonic games are never small affairs, but this weekend’s one – a refight of Borodino – might well have been our largest yet. it was also one of the most enjoyable. I was rather dreading the game, as Borodino is known for being